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Meet Alana

Alana was born and raised in Spokane but left when she was 18-years-old to explore the world. Living in California Bay area, Alana worked in the fine dining industry and fell in love with it. She also traveled the world and gained an appreciation for the many cultural experiences she took part in. After returning to college to obtain her Bachelor degree in Anthropology, Alana decided in was time to go home to Spokane this time with a family in tow. Wander Spokane was opened in 2018 combining all the things Alana holds near and dear to her heart. 


Meet Gabriela

Gabriela grew up in Washington State but has traveled pretty extensively. She enjoys beekeeping, hula hooping and exploring all things local in Spokane. She is an absolute delight and a wonderful addition to our tours


Meet Maria
Maria was born and raised in Spokane. She went to school at Eastern Washington University where she earned her degree in Psychology. Maria speaks German, loves to travel and being an Auntie.