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Updated: Sep 20, 2018

The soft opening was a great success. I just can't decide which tour I like best....the food tour, the wine tour or the beer tour?!?!? Honestly, Spokane's local and artisan talent is off the charts! Every time I walk through downtown I find something new....

Grand Opening:

We opened to the public Tuesday September 18th. Our first food tour is Friday so I'll let you know how it goes!

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1 Comment

Mark Eaton
Mark Eaton
Sep 09, 2023

Are you out of your mind? We had a team of a dozen+ developers that used to go to OpenWorld every year and it cost the company about $100,000 in expenses. They also made frequent onsite business trips to clients in the Bay area. Several of our clients have already left SF and more are planning to leave. This money went directly to businesses in San Francisco. For the last several years, our Techs REFUSE to go to SF, not to any conferences and they certainly don’t vacation there. It’s really a shame! I honeymooned in SF. We LOVED the wineries and the restaurants. So much true west coast culture and entertainment. Now it’s all gone to s***. This w…

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