Starting back up in Spring!

Urban Wilderness Hikes

Urban Wilderness hikes take place in numerous locations all over Spokane. Each hike is unique to it's location but all of the hikes intertwine rural and urban areas within city limits. You get the best of both worlds! On each hike you will learn the amazing history of the location, identify many plants (some edible/medicinal uses) take in amazing views and have the option to end at a local restaurant, Winery, Brewery, Picnic-honestly, the possibilities are endless....

Below is a description of one of our Urban Wilderness Hikes. Hikes are trail dependent begin in the Spring

Choose Your Own Adventure

This tour will begin in the historic Browne's Addition Neighborhood which is a gateway to stories of Spokane's past, amazing architecture and remarkable beginnings. Dropping down into Latah Valley via Overlook Park, we'll learn about native plants, some geological and Indigenous history and breathe some fresh air. From the Latah Creek, we hike to People's Park to learn more about the areas past, present and future. From here, there are three destinations for your group to choose from! Choose to loop back and return to Browne's Addition or continue on and visit Peaceful Valley ending in Downtown. The third option follows the Spokane River and ends in Spokane's growing Kendall Yards neighborhood. Each of these routes covers more art, architecture, history, exciting stories and options to end at a local Food, Wine or Beer establishment.


Duration: 2.5 - 3 hrs

Distance: 2.5 miles

Elevation: Descent 274 ft Ascent 164 ft

Things to Note:

The tour ends approximately 2 miles from where it begins (unless you choose the loop). It is a quick Uber or Lyft ride, bike taxi or adventure on the Lime bikes/scooters back to your car

This map shows the Kendall Yards option