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2022 New tour coming up!

Ok, it's true I am HORRIBLE at writing in our blog, and I am equally horrible at social media. What can I say? I am old fashion. I prefer to shake someone's hand and talk to them in person. Lucky for me, that is what I get to do with guided tours :) For those of you who do read our blog and for looking for an update to our happenings, I am thrilled to let you know we will be launching a NEW TOUR that combines food and drinks along with an amazing look at Spokane past, present and future. We hope to launch later this month or early April. We will be using new partners as well as some current partners that we feel we don't frequent enough. Tour guests will be treated to amazing food at local establishments, along with some beverages AND intertwined in the tour may be a Wine or Beer tasting too! As always guests will enjoy history, art and architecture. Although there may be a slight amount of historical information repeated from other tours (ya can't change the facts) the vast majority of information/viewings on this tour is new so that past tour guests can enjoy a new experience. We are pretty excited about all that is 2022!

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