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Edible & Medicinal Plants are abundant right now!

Join Wander Spokane, the premier guided walking tour company in Spokane, for a captivating hiking experience. Our tours offer more than just a walk in nature; they provide an educational journey where you'll discover the edible and medicinal plants that thrive in our surroundings, as well as uncover the fascinating history woven into Spokane's past.

Discovering Nature’s Pantry:

At Wander Spokane, we believe in forging a deep connection with nature through an understanding of its abundance. Our knowledgeable guides will lead you on carefully curated hikes, revealing the edible plants that grace our trails. From wild plants to wild berries, learn to identify these treasures and appreciate their nutritional value.

The Healing Power of Medicinal Plants:

Experience the therapeutic wonders of Spokane's medicinal plants. Our guides will introduce you to indigenous remedies used by Native American tribes and early settlers. Discover the soothing properties of yarrow and the immune-boosting benefits of elderberries, gaining a newfound appreciation for the natural remedies that surround us.

Unearthing Spokane's Rich History:

Step back in time as we explore Spokane's captivating past. Our hiking tours immerse you in stories of Native American heritage, the railroad's transformational effects, and the city's growth. Depending on your location, you will journey alongside pioneers and explorers who shaped Spokane's destiny.

Embracing Sustainability:

Wander Spokane is committed to responsible tourism practices. Our hiking tours emphasize ethical foraging and leaving no trace behind. We encourage a deep respect for the natural environment, fostering a sense of stewardship for the land and its resources.

Escape into nature's embrace with Wander Spokane's hiking tours. Explore the wonders of edible and medicinal plants while immersing yourself in Spokane's intriguing history. Join us on an unforgettable journey through scenic trails and let us guide you through the secrets of Spokane's natural beauty and rich cultural heritage. Book your hiking tour today and embark on an adventure that will nourish both your mind and soul.

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