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What is there to do in Spokane?

People who visit Spokane often ask "what is there to do in Spokane"? It always catches me a little off guard because I think, what is there not to do in Spokane? When you research this topic on the internet you are provided with the same list time and time again... Riverfront Park, Manito Park, the Spokane Falls... the list goes on and on. Although I absolutely agree with the list provided, it lacks the context of why you should visit these places adding to the experience of why they are the top things to do in Spokane. And let's not forget the growing culinary, craft beer and wine culture.

I have been doing guided tours in Spokane for seven years now and I still get excited every time I head out. Each one of our outings offers our guests a completely unique experience. I love sharing our city with visitors, but what I love most is watching locals fall in love with Spokane when they experience any one of our tours. Many of our tours stroll through Riverfront Park showcasing Spokane's iconic landmarks and viewing many pieces of public art. But as you view these features our guides regale you with stories of Spokane's rich history including the 1974 World's Fair, the Falls, the Clocktower and the railroad plus a whole lot of extra secrets even many locals don't know! Throughout downtown, guides share the history of the city as well as many architectural marvels and local lore. The Fox theatre, the Historic Davenport, and the Bing are of course part of the story but what about the old Otis (now the Hotel Indigo), the Montvale or the ghosts of the Ruby? There is just so much more than folks realize!!! Our Food and Drink Tours allow for even more depth to one's experience. Obviously tour guests get to try several different dishes, craft beers, wine and cocktails but they also hear each establishments personal story. All of the businesses we partner with are local and many of them are also located in historical buildings with yet another layer to the story! Some of them are even haunted... (yes, we know the ghost stories too). If hiking or just being outdoors is more your thing, we offer customizable tours that cover just about everything. We can take you to Riverside State Park, Waikiki Springs or many other places for a great hike. We can also take you for a walk on the Centennial Trail then out of the Spokane River via Stand Up Paddleboard to see the city from yet another vantage point AND there are several remnants lost to the river to tell their own tales of old. Our Urban Wilderness Hikes are pretty much the coolest and most unique way to experience Spokane if I do say so myself. You can experience the charming and oldest neighborhood in the city, Browne's Addition then walk along the Spokane River identifying Edible and Medicinal plants and learning about the Spokane Tribe, explore one of the last intact working class neighborhoods from the 18th century, Peaceful Valley then end up in downtown for lunch and a cold beer! These types of experiences are obviously seasonal but you get the idea

The point is the top things to do in Spokane is extensive and there is truly something for everyone to enjoy. Spokane is an incredibly diverse and fascinating place to live. We are growing and changing in so many thrilling ways and I am thrilled to be part of it. So next time someone asks you what there is to do in Spokane don't be afraid to tell them : EVERYTHING!

Go see it on your own or better yet, get a guide with Wander Spokane :)

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